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More Than 10 Years of Experience

We provide a different working concept from most Service Providers. Our focus is designed to ensure that we achieve process objectives by utilising best practice and experienced personnel exclusively when managing our projects.

ORIGITEK’s team of skilled practitioners are consistently oriented towards achieving positive outcomes and are thus able us to provide you with the appropriate solutions for your organisation. Most firms providing business or engineering consultancy services deliver programs without truly making your organisation better, since there is a lack of focused alignment to the client organisation’s strategic outlook and core needs. Our team will work with you to determine acceptable stage-gates, standards and quality definitions.

Accurate project estimation and proper scoping of engineering works are critical planning prerequisites that will define the outcome of your program. Effective delivery of services, therefore, must require that we adopt a different model. ORIGITEK emphasizes certain fundamental business concepts in managing all its programs and services.

Primary considerations in this regard require that we work collaboratively with the respective Line management team to develop the operating framework, performance parameters and generate a success definition for the project.

As part of the service options offered the client, we provide specific programs geared towards improving your organisation’s proficiency with new technologies or methodology.

Mr. Cordell Taylor- C.E.O

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